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Upload progress bar using XHR (Fetch alternative)

The XMLHttpRequest (XHR) object can be used to make and track upload progress.

Save data to the browser with localStorage and sessionStorage

localStorage and sessionStorage objects allow you to store data from to user's browser.

setTimeout() and setInterval() in JavaScript

setTimeout() and setInterval() allow you to delay the execution of code or run it repeatedly.

Using the useEffect() hook in React

useEffect() runs code once on initial rendering or specific rerenders.

Using Fetch with async/await

Async/await allows a Fetch request to be handled using synchronous-looking syntax.

map() vs forEach()

The map() and forEach() methods both iterate through arrays, but are not interchangeable.

We made the Feedspot top 30!

This blog has been listed #15 in the Feedspot list of JavaScript blogs

Using the useState() hook in React.js

Trigger a re-rendering of your app each time the value of a variable changes.

Using the Fetch API in React with functional components

How to use JavaScript's native Fetch API to make HTTP requests in React.

Add a new element to the DOM using JavaScript

You can insert HTML elements to the DOM dynamically using JavaScript.