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Compress an Image File in the Browser with JavaScript

Using the HTML5 Canvas API, you can do image compression on the frontend.

Download Progress with JavaScript’s Fetch Function

Create a download indicator by reading the body of the response.

Set an Expiration Date and Time for a localStorage Item

There is no native expiration option but it can be implemented using timestamps.

Store and Retrieve a Function in localStorage

Pass a function through localStorage using the Function constructor object.

JSON file to CSV download with vanilla JavaScript

Allow your users to download any fetchable JSON file in CSV format.

Social Media Share Buttons with Vanilla JavaScript

Share with vanilla JavaScript by constructing URL requests to social media APIs.

Conditionally load a JavaScript file

By creating a new JavaScript file from scratch or reappend an existing one.

Download Progress Bar with Axios

Learn how to track progress and upload a CSS progress bar.

Read a File into JavaScript using FileReader

After reading a file, you can display it, edit it, post it to a server and download.

Get checked checkbox values only from HTML form with JavaScript

You'll want to push checkbox values into an array only if they are checked.