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Save user form input data in a JavaScript object

This task is possible in two lines using the FormData constructor and Object.fromEntries()

How to copy an image to the clipboard with vanilla JavaScript

Any image can be copied to the clipboard with a little help from the HTML Canvas API.

Get user location by IP address with JavaScript

Location by IP can resolved by a third-party service or in Node.js.

Typewriter typing effect with JavaScript

Make text appear on screen as if it is being typed live using the setInterval() function!

How to exit a JavaScript function

A JavaScript function can be exited by using the 'return' keyword or throwing an error.

How to exit a loop in JavaScript

You can exit from the execution of a loop by using the 'break' keyword.

Semicolons in JavaScript: Are they necessary?

Semicolons are often optional, but sometimes their omission can break code!

Using JSON in JavaScript

With JSON, you can store a JavaScript native object in pure string format.

Get image dimensions using JavaScript

How to get the dimensions of an image from a DOM element or URL alone.

Preview a user image before it is uploaded

How to preview an image and check its dimensions and size before uploading.