Store and Retrieve a Function in localStorage

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Last updated: December 21, 2022.

Unlike array and objects, functions are not able to represented in JSON. You cannot therefore store a function is localStorage by converting it to a JSON-string using JSON.stringify() and then converting it back to a function with JSON.parse().

Instead, you can achieve the same result by getting the body of the function in string format and its parameter names as an array (which can be JSON-stringified).

You can then pass these two bits of information into the Function constructor object. It accepts two arguments: the parameters as a comma-separated list and then the function body as a string. It will return this information to return a new function.

To get the parameter names, you can use the get-parameter-names library. Importing it allows you to call getParameterNames(), which returns the names of the parameters of a function that is passed into it as an array.

The body of the function can be retrieved by call substring() on a stringified version of the function and using indexOf() and lastIndexOf() to return a substring that spans from the opening to closing curly braces of the function.

Here’s what the solution looks like when storing the function in localStorage:

<!-- Imports get-parameter-names library -->
<script src=""></script>


function f (a, b) {
    const result = a + b;
    return result;

// Defines function to pass through localStorage

const fString = f.toString();
// Stringifies function

const body = fString.substring((fString.indexOf("{"))+1,fString.lastIndexOf("}"));
// Extracts body from stringified function

const params = getParameterNames(f);
// Gets parameters name as an array

localStorage.setItem('body', body);
// Passes body directly into localStorage

localStorage.setItem('params', JSON.stringify(params));
// Passes params array in as JSON string

And here’s how to retrieve this data from localStorage to reconstitute the function:

const body = localStorage.getItem('body');
// Gets function body string

const params = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('params'));
// Parses JSON params string back to proper array

const f = new Function(...params, body);
// Creates a new function from params array and body string

console.log( f(1,2) ); // 3
// Successful function call!

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