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Receive form data in Node.js (with and without files)

Receive form data that is url-encoded or of type 'multipart/form-data'

Get URL Parameters in Node.js

URL parameters are data in string format that can be added to the end of a URL.

Get Size of a FormData Object Payload

To do so, you need to make your calculations conditional upon data type.

Validate File Size Before Upload with JavaScript

Minimize server requests by validating file size before uploading.

Serve Static Files in Node.js with Express

You can use Express as a static file server for a HTML website or SPA.

Show Desktop Notifications with JavaScript in the Browser

Using the Notificaitons API, you can send system-level notifications to a user.

Build a REST API with Node.js and Express

Express provides a simple sytnax for creating a REST API in Node.js.

Wait for Multiple Fetch Requests to Finish

You can use Promise.all or Promise.allSettled to wait for multiple requests to complete.

NodeMailer Tutorial: Send Emails in Node.js

How to emails to one or more addresses and including attachments.

Handle a File Upload in Node.js and Express with Multer

Multer allows files and any additional form data to be easily parsed from a request.