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Extract files from a zip file in JavaScript using JSZip

Code examples include getting file data from a user-selected zip file and a fetched zip file.

Check if an object is empty in JavaScript

How to check if a JavaScript object is empty despite the absence of a length property.

Get the current index in a JavaScript for…of loop

How to extract the current index using entries() and array destructuring syntax.

Load CSS with JavaScript and wait for it to load

You can use JavaScript to only load stylesheets that are necessary to page load.

Zip and compress files in JavaScript

Multiple files can be stored and compressed in a zip file using JSZip.

Using innerHTML in React

How to render a markup string as HTML inside an element in React.

Using Prism syntax highlighter in React

Apply beautiful syntax highlight to your code using Prism in React.

Add comments inside JSX in React

Adding comments inside JSX code require a different approach from HTML or plain JavaScript.

Switch between multiple versions of Node.js in Windows

Install and switch between multiple Node.js versions using Node Version Manager.

Receive form data in Node.js (with and without files)

Receive form data that is url-encoded or of type 'multipart/form-data'